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Eleventh Finger _ Qin Ming

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By: ShaimingHao
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"So your conclusion now is that an acquaintance committed the crime?" Dabao asked. Everyone nodded in unison and unified their thoughts. Did you find all the body parts except the internal organs? I asked. The intern looked at the body, shook his head and said, "a piece of soft tissue in the abdomen is missing, and an ear is missing.". Everything else is basically complete. "Normal." Lin Tao interjected, "There are so many wild dogs and wild cats. Take away two pieces and eat them. No matter how capable you are, you can't find them. Tomorrow, they will become the metabolic end products of cats and dogs." "It's not appropriate to be so handsome and always have such a heavy taste!" I looked at Lin Tao and laughed. Lin Tao picked his thick eyebrows and said, "Who said that? You see how elegant my words are." "There were no signs of injury or asphyxia on the body." Dabao said, "At present, it is impossible to confirm what the cause of death is." "There are no internal organs, and we can't collect enough blood. What samples should we take for poisoning test?" Forensic Han said. Ha ha, there is no way out. Dabao raised his forearm and pushed his glasses and said, "The bladder is still there." Yes, there's urine! "Poisoning is rare, and it's usually a means of killing women." Forensic Han said. I don't think it was a woman. Dabao said, "can a woman carry such a heavy body part?" "If the car drives next to the dustbin," Han said, "it's still possible to move a position." "That's impossible." Dabao said, "which woman laid such a cruel hand ah, and disembowelment and internal organs and dismemberment.". Women's psychology can't reach such a tough level. "Not necessarily." Forensic Han said,push back racking system, "Look at the broken sections of the long bones of the limbs, which were cut off repeatedly with a chopper. The section is very neat, indicating that the bone cutter is very sharp.". But if you look at this piece of bone, it must have been cut at least dozens of times. If it's a man, it should be cut off with three or five strokes. "Have you ever seen a woman dismembered alone?" Dabao said. Don't tell me, I've been through quite a few. Forensic Han said with a smile, "Times are different. Women hold up more than half the sky, so women can also do dismemberment work." I squatted beside the pressure cooker to cook the pubic symphysis while listening to the debate between Dabao and Lao Han. They all have a point. The pubic symphysis will be ready soon. I interrupted their argument. "Find the source of the body,metal racking systems, and everything will be solved." The pressure cooker squeaks under the high temperature of the induction cooker. The air holes on the lid of the pot were blowing out, and the whole autopsy room was filled with a "meat fragrance". However, it can be imagined that this "meat flavor" is disgusting. "I haven't had bone soup since I cooked it myself," Dabao frowned. "As for it?" I reduced the power of the induction cooker, slowly opened the lid of the pressure cooker, and turned over the bones in the pot with hemostatic forceps. "The nervous system is used for work, and the digestive system is used for eating. Well water does not interfere with river water." "You have a high displacement of automatic transmission." Forensic Han said, "This can also shift gears?" Boiling the bone allows the musculature and cartilage, which are tightly attached to the bone, as well as the periosteum, to be stripped away more easily. In this way, the bone surface can be completely exposed for observation. I fished out the pubic bone from a milky pot of "bone soup" and stripped the soft tissue bit by bit with hemostatic forceps. Soon, the shape of the pubic symphysis was exposed. Probably in his thirties. I said, "Take it back and we'll calculate the specific age, industrial racking systems ,medium duty racking, and poison it quickly, or we won't know how he died after fighting for the body for so long." "Teachers," one of the interns in charge of putting together the body parts suddenly interrupted our thoughts, "Why are there eleven fingers here?" As soon as several of us heard this, we quickly gathered around the autopsy table. If the deceased is a "six-fingered child", it will play an important role in finding the source of the corpse. "But," the intern went on, "we're all done with the palms, and this man is not a six-fingered man." I didn't react for a long time: "What …" What do you mean Forensic Han answered, "It means that there is a finger in these body parts that does not belong to the deceased." "Oh," I said, "I see. The case we just solved is that two people died. At that time, no matter how we spell the bodies, we felt incongruous. As a result, the DNA test showed that there were two bodies. ” "But this is not quite the same." The intern said, "There's nothing wrong with putting the body together, except for this extra finger." There was a sudden silence in the autopsy room. Dissecting internal organs, multiple fingers, cutting grooves and binding. All of this makes the second monk confused. That one Dabao broke the silence. "Anyway, the deceased is male, 1.75 meters tall, medium posture, about 30 years old. We can confirm it. When the DNA results come out, I believe the source of the body will be found soon." "Yes." Forensic Han also comforted himself by saying, "The cause of death may be poisoning, and the time of death is within two days, that is, around June 3.". We can provide a lot of information. They are all comforting themselves, but I am not happy at all. Is there an innocent ghost watching us? Who is he? Why is his finger here? "Qin section chief," the secretary of Xiaohu suddenly ran into the autopsy room, "you call you did not answer, it is estimated that you are on the autopsy table. Just now, Mr. Chen called and asked you to hand over the case to the city Bureau, and then you hurried to Qingxiang City to handle the case. "What's the big case?" I asked. Looks like a deputy mayor was killed. "We can't figure out the case here, and it looks a little complicated. I can't hand it in." On the one hand, I was a little angry, but on the other hand, I was reluctant to abandon this challenging case. I paused and went on to say, "Forensic doctors work for the common people, not for his leading cadres." "Understand it." Xiaohu said, "The local forensic doctor wants to avoid suspicion, so we must do it.". Besides, it's an order, and if you have an opinion, you can only keep it. I opened my mouth, did not speak,push back racking system, and silently took off my anatomy suit. 2 When we arrived at Qingxiang City, night had fallen. Too late to rest, we rushed to the scene of the incident under the guidance of a roaring guide car-a high-end residential area.